Empire Game Center COVID-19 Update

Empire Game Center COVID-19 Update

Hello friends,

Update April 1, 2020:  Empire Game Center will be CLOSED until at least May 1, 2020 (No joke unfortunately)
Empire Game Center is aware of the current COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting our planet.
Due to the recommendation of the CDC and the information provided by the State of Ohio regarding safety of our customers and employees we have closed our retail store to the public until further notice as of March 16. 
We originally planned to go to a temporary schedule but as the news kept coming out it's obvious we shouldn't be open.  If we cannot get haircuts or have lunch in public then Empire Game Center shouldn't be open either. 
FAQ:  "How long will you be closed?"
Answer:  As long as it takes but when the 'all clear' is given we're going to be playing games again. 

Gift Cards
If you have a preexisting Empire Game Center gift card I'll be happy to work with you to turn your gift card into merchandise.
Empire Game Center will NOT be selling gift cards during our curbside/mail order only season.  The plan is to stay in business but I'd much rather not put Empire Game Center in a position of using customer dollars as short term loans - we're not quite at that situation but if this virus causes a longer term shutdown I'd much rather not have thousands of dollars in "We owe customer money" floating around.
I really do appreciate the offers from customers regarding purchasing gift cards to use in the future though!

Thank you for your understanding and support during this time!

Stay safe & sane,
-Carl McCormick
Owner Empire Game Center

Mar 21st 2020 Carl McCormick

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