Ikoria:  Lair of the Behemoths - Set Release, Retail & Mail Order Info

Ikoria: Lair of the Behemoths - Set Release, Retail & Mail Order Info

Prerelease & release date:  May 15, 2020
This product was pushed back from April 17 & April 24 due to COVID-19. 
May 15 is a tentative date and subject to change.

Prerelease info
Ikoria's Prerelease is now an "At-Home Prerelease" meaning the product is 'grab-n-go' or mail order depending on the COVID-19 situation.
Prerelease entry includes 2 booster packs of Ikoria: Lair of the Behemoths as prize for each player!
Please include your DCI number with your pre-order.
You may purchase multiple Ikoria, Lair of the Behemoths Prerelease kits.  We understand you may want to run a private event or two with your (roommates/family/quarantine tribe/friends over streaming service...)

Grab-N-Go/Curbside pickup is dependent upon state and local authorities permitting non-essential businesses to be open for retail.  If we are not open for retail business on the release date we will ship all pre-ordered product to you at no additional cost!

Product info
All prices shown include shipping!
Orders will ship on the official release date which is subject to change.

Ikoria Booster Boxes - $99.99!

Ikoria Booster Boxes contain 36 booster packs and include a Box Topper promo card.
Box Topper contains one of fifteen sealed "Godzilla Monster Series" box toppers!
Pre-Order your Booster Box today.

Ikoria Bundles - $39.99 Shipped!
Bundles are super popular products and contain:
10 Booster Packs of Ikoria, Lair of the Behemoths
20 Foil Land
1 Alt-Art Promo
& More!


Prerelease Packs - $25.00!
Pre-order & release weekend purchase receive 2 Booster Pack Prize!
Contents of Prerelease kit:
6 Booster packs of Ikoria
1 Foil stamped promo
& More!
*Prerelease product is allocated for "Empire Game Center Retail Store Customers" and "Out of Town Customers"
See item listing for terms.

Ikoria: Lair of the Behemoths Commander Decks - Set of 5!

Ikoria features 5 brand new Commander decks.

Ikoria: Lair of the Behemoths Collector Boosters - Box of 12 Packs!
15 cards per pack, 12 packs per box.

Ikoria: Lair of the Behemoths 100 ct Sleeves and Playmats!

Any orders orders that contain In-Stock items will ship when the entire order is able to be filled.

Thank you for supporting Empire Game Center during this challenging time!
-Carl McCormick
Owner Empire Game Center

Apr 7th 2020 Carl McCormick

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