Modern Horizons PreRelease Schedule

Modern Horizons PreRelease Schedule

Modern Horizons PreRelease @ Empire Game Center
June 8-9, 2019

Sealed Main Events
June 8 @ 11 AM* Doors Open 10:30 AM
June 9 @ 11 AM* Doors Open 10:30 AM

Sealed Event Entry - $50.00
Sealed Event Info - 5 Rounds of Swiss
Sealed Info: Each participant receives 6 Booster Packs of Modern Horizons for use in their sealed event.

Participation Award: Complimentary 50 ct sleeves are included in your Sealed event entry (Your choice of any pack of 50 ct sleeves priced $4.99 or less)

-Minimum 2 Booster Packs to the Prize Pool per player with each participant receiving at least one booster pack of Modern Horizons for playing.
-Additional Prizes to players with 9 or more match points (3-2 record, or the elusive 2-0-3)

Booster Drafts
Saturday June 8 - BOOSTER DRAFTS - Midnight, Noon & 4 PM*

Sunday June 9 - BOOSTER DRAFTS - Noon, 2 PM & 4 PM*

Booster Draft Event Entry - $30.00
Booster Draft Info - 3 Swiss Rounds (play each round even if you lose your match)
Booster Draft Info: Each participant will receive 3 booster packs of Modern Horizons for Booster Drafting.

Minimum 1 Booster Pack will be awarded per participant upon completion of the event.
3-0 Record will receive 6 booster packs of Modern Horizons!
2-1//2-0-1 Record will receive 4 booster packs of Modern Horizions!
All other participants will receive 1 booster pack of Modern Horizons!

*Event times subject to change based on player demand and/or product availability. Product was heavily allocated for Modern Horizons PreRelease events.

May 25th 2019

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