War of the Spark PreRelease

War of the Spark PreRelease

Posted by Carl McCormick on Apr 12th 2019

War of the Spark PreRelease @ Empire Game Center!

Entry - $20.00 per event

Event Times
Saturday April 27 - Midnight, 10 AM, 3 PM & 8 PM
Sunday April 28 - 11 AM & 4 PM
*NEW* On Demand PreRelease Events - Saturday will have 2 events and Sunday will have 1 event - we're able to run 9 events instead of 6 events for this PreRelease so we're offering a few On Demand PreRelease events. We're expecting to launch On-Demand PreRelease events when around 16 players are signed up.

Pre-Order War of the Spark Booster Boxes for only $100 tax inclusive at Empire Game Center today!