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Disney Lorcana TCG Information

UPDATE: September 23
We continue to receive daily phone calls about this game and it's a terrible feeling when we have to disappoint customer after customer due to product availability.  Still no word on a product arrival date of Wave 2 Chapter 1 product. 

Since our last update - I've played Lorcana with customers who had multiple decks and I can say the game is actually enjoyable.  I'm not sure about treating this game as a super competitive game as I haven't seen all of the cards or experienced the most powerful decks, but I can definitely see this game as being fun for both kids and adults.

UPDATE:  September 1

We are SOLD OUT of Lorcana! 

September 1 was the MASS MARKET release date, not hobby shop release date.   We are a hobby shop and the release date for us was August 18.

The second print run of Chapter 1 booster boxes is apparently scheduled for October now instead of September - we'll update here when we have more information.

Can you pre-order the second print run of booster boxes from Empire Game Center?
No.  We do not offer pre-orders for any product.

Will starters, Illumineer's Troves or Gift Sets be reprinted?
We have no idea what's going on with the state of this game as there hasn't been a solicitation or mention of non-booster box restocks. 

This is a very challenging product release.
We'd love to service the community with Lorcana but there's really nothing we can do regarding the super short print run and complete blundering of product allocation from the start.   We requested 6x more product than we were allocated and at this point in time it appears as though we would have received less product than we needed had our initial requests been filled. 

How are you running organized play?
An extremely casual league/meetup every Saturday at 1pm. 
It's really hard to run Organized Play when players do not have access to product.

Update:  August 20
Now we play the waiting game.  We're out of stock of everything, unless you want some Captain Hook deck boxes.  We will still be running Lorcana League every Saturday at 1 PM - Free entry and play some casual games with other Lorcana players. 

Wave 2 product is scheduled to arrive in September. 
Thank you to everyone who visited the store during the Lorcana launch weekend!

Most stores will not have enough product to service their communities due to what appears to be an abnormal allocation method at the distributor level and a low print run for what this game demands!  

Important Links

Official Disney Lorcana TCG Website

How To Play Disney Lorcana TCG

Release Date
We're hearing there are 2 release dates for Lorcana:

Organized Play Store release date:  August 18, 2023
Mass Market Retail release date:  September 1, 2023
*Release dates subject to change

Organized Play
Empire Game Center has been selected as part of the Disney Lorcana Hobby Store Program.
Due to product availability issues, it's going to be very difficult to run consistent organized play for this game during the first couple of months so we are going to run with the League option.

Starting on August 19, Lorcana casual league play and community meetup is welcome on Saturdays from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.  Players are welcome to stay until we close at 7 and to play during any other store hours throughout the week, but we wanted to post a defined window for Lorcana players to know when other players would most likely be in store.

Check back closer to release date for Organized Play info as we're still awaiting final information on how to run events and to be given access to event software. 

Organized Play formats are listed below.  Lorcana at Empire Game Center will be a casual league while people learn the game and we are able to determine what customers actually want to do with the game.

How does a league work?  How often is it run?

See store for details.

Organized Play Formats
  • Core Constructed – Players can use any of the cards from The First Chapter to build a deck with a 60-card minimum, a maximum of two inks, and maximum of four cards with the same full name.
  • Booster Draft – Players will need to be provided with a minimum of four boosters packs each to pass cards among them, from which they will build a 40-card deck using any number of different inks (rather than only two inks). More than four copies of a card with the same full name can be played.
  • Sealed Deck – Players will need to be provided with a minimum of six boosters packs each to use as their individual card pool, from which they will build a 40-card deck using any number of different inks (rather than only two inks). More than four copies of a card with the same full name can be played.
League Play
Stores may also run League play; a full set of League recommendations will be included in the OP Kit. This kit will arrive with your first shipment of Disney Lorcana TCG product.

Product Availability
The good news - The advertising worked and there's very high demand for Lorcana.
The bad news - Lorcana allocations have been given to stores and stores across the country will experience a product shortage. 

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Jeff Grasso

Hello, I am interested in Sorcery Contested Realm Beta. Are you doing pre-orders and do you have prices for boxes, cases, precons? Thank you!

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