Magic: the Gathering Event Schedule
Upcoming Magic: the Gathering events at Empire Game Center!
Always open gaming every day during store hours in addition to the scheduled events listed below.

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Events are listed by Format!

September 22 - Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Magic: the Gathering by participating in our CEDH, Modern Constructed or Booster Draft Events and receive a Lotus Petal 30th Anniversary Promo! *Limited Quantity Available.  Promo card is first come, first served while supplies last!

Friday -Weekly Commander from open to close! (Free Entry/Casual Gaming)

September 15 - Wilds of Eldraine Commander Party - Play Commander with a story book twist to earn a promo!  Participation promos provided to participants while supplies last (Free Entry)

September 22 - Starting 9/22 we'll be holding CEDH events weekly at 6:45 pm.  Official Commander Rules.  NO PROXY! ($10 Entry//September promotion=$5 off entry and prizing will be treated as though the event is a $10 entry event!)

LIMITED (Sealed Deck & Booster Drafts)
September 22 - Wilds of Eldraine Booster Drafts - On-Demand Single Elimination Booster Drafts launch from 1pm to 7pm with 3 Collector Boosters to 1st Place and Draft pack prizing to 2nd-4th - 4/2/2 ($20 Entry)

September 30 - Store Championship - Wilds of Eldraine Sealed.  Participation Promo Tail Swipe/Top 8 Transcendent Message/Winner Textless Moonshaker Cavalry!  Additional prizing based on attendance! ($25 Entry)

October 27 - 2-Headed Giant Sealed - Harvesttide Festival - Innistrad: Midnight Hunt/Crimson Vow - Each team will receive 4 Midnight Hunt, 4 Crimson Vow and 1 Collector booster to build 2 minimum 40 card decks for Two-Headed Giant game play.

Friday - Weekly FNM at 6:45pm ($10 Entry)

Saturday - Bi-Weekly Modern at 1pm starting October 7th.  October Events will be held October 7th & October 21st.  ($20 Entry)

October 6th - Starting 10/6 we'll be holding Standard Constructed Events weekly at 6:45pm.  ($10 Entry/October promotion = $5 off entry and prizing will be treated as though the event is a $10 entry event!)

This event page will be updated through the end of 2023 as new events hit the schedule so make sure you bookmark this page!
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