Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Do you ship internationally?
Answer: No, we are currently only shipping to U.S. addresses.

FAQ: My credit/debit card appears as if it was charged one or more times for one purchase after my order was declined, what do I do?
When an order is attempted with a credit/debit card a hold is automatically placed for the amount of the order for on average of 2-3 business days (some institutions can take longer) even in the event the card is declined. This is standard procedure for credit card processing. We recommend making sure you enter the billing information exactly as it appears on your credit card statement.  If the word Street is spelled out please spell out street instead of abbreviating as ST.

FAQ: I received a tracking number but says “electronic shipping information received” - When will my items ship?
Your order was processed and marked shipped the moment you receive your tracking number. Orders are dropped off at our local USPS office daily at 5 pm est (our office closes at 5:30 pm est.) Due to the large volume of mail that we ship our local post office does not always scan our items when we drop them off so the first scan you may see could be 1-5 business days after mailing and will state “arrived at local sort facility” or something of that nature. If you’ve received a tracking number and a shipped email your order has been processed and shipped during the regular business day.

FAQ: What about orders marked shipped after 5 pm est and/or Sunday shipments?
In the event we receive a larger than normal amount of orders we do process orders after hours to catch up on the mail. If you’ve received a tracking number after 5 pm est your order will ship the following business day. Sunday shipments are dropped off on most Mondays, unless there is a federal holiday.

FAQ: I placed an order and chose "paypal" as my payment method and I do not see charges in my paypal account for this order, did you receive my payment?
If you have received a confirmation number for your order but do not have record of payment sent in your paypal account please email and we will send an invoice for your purchase. In the event you sent payment manually please email so we can verify payment and process your order faster. Orders that are not paid for within 24 hours of placing the order are treated as abandoned shopping carts and we will cancel the order.  


How fast do you ship orders?
All orders are usually processed within 24-48 business hours of order received. Large bulk orders may take an additional day for processing. Orders placed with Paypal eChecks will wait until the echeck clears into our account before shipping.


Does have a restriction on the number of an item I can purchase?
Answer - yes and no. We completely understand players do purchase items for their friends, family and/or playtest groups - You do not want to be limited to 4/8/12 of an item and we are in business to sell items so we do not want to put a restriction on the amount of an item you can purchase. Due to severe market fluctuations, pricing errors, grading errors, human errors, website malfunction where items oversell, and many other reasons for limiting or refusing a sale we do reserve the right to refuse any sale for any reason.

Return Policy - Unclaimed Items - Restocking Fee

All Single Card sales are Final!
Due to the volatile nature of the single card market we cannot accept returns on individual trading cards.

We can accept returns on sealed products and sleeves as long as the items are still unopened and in the original condition items were shipped to you.
Any sealed item may be returned for a full refund minus shipping costs as long as the item is in the same condition as shipped as long as you notify us within 48 hours of receiving items - Email authorization required. In the event we send the incorrect item we will pay return shipping for the sealed item. Game Center LLC) assume no responsibility for items damaged or lost in the mail. Insurance is recommended against damages.

In the event that you did not claim your package from the post office and items were returned you will receive a refund minus (shipping + 10% restocking fee) or ($5.00), whichever is higher. Restocking fee includes cost of labor and supplies associated with processing the order when shipped to you and processing the order upon return to us.

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