Ravnica Allegiance PreRelease Registration

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Ravnica Allegiance PreRelease Event Registration
Registration listed here is for entry to an Empire Game Center//Streetsboro, OH PreRelease Event.
This listing is NOT for a mail order PreRelease Kit as this listing is intended for players who wish to reserve their spot in our PreRelease events.

We are offering 6 Ravnica Allegiance PreRelease events so you can choose the event(s) that works best for your schedule!
Saturday January 19 Schedule
Event #1 - 12:01 AM (That's Midnight Saturday, right after FNM)
Doors Open & Registration for daylight events - 9:30 AM
Event #2 - 10:00 AM
Event #3 - 3:00 PM
Event #4 - 8:00 PM

Sunday January 20 Schedule
Doors Open & Registration Begins - 10:30 AM
Event #5 - 11:00 AM
Event #6 - 4:00 PM
*Event times subject to change.
**Events 3, 4 & 6 will begin upon completion of the previous event.

***We are located in Ohio and sometimes the weather can affect the event schedule.

Event Structure
Midnight - 5 Swiss Rounds
PreRelease Events #2-6 are Maximum 4 Swiss Rounds

Deck Construction - PreRelease Pack Contents
Ravnica Allegiance features the return of Guild Kit PreRelease Packs where players will receive event kits based on Ravnica Guilds (2-color combination) - Azorius (White/Blue), Gruul (Green/Red), Orzhov (White/Black), Simic (Green/Blue) or Rakdos (Black/Red)
Each Guild based PreRelease Pack contains the following:
-5 Ravnica Allegiance Booster Packs
-1 Guild Booster featuring 15 cards from one of the 5 Guilds of Ravnica!
-1 semi-randomized, date-stamped, rare or mythic rare foil promo card from the featured guild
-1 guild-themed Spindown life counter

Each player will build a minimum 40-Card deck using only the contents of their Ravnica Allegiance PreRelease kit and basic land which are provided at the counter. We ask that all players return the land they use in the event so we can continue to provide cost effective events for all players.
PreRelease events are continuous build which means you may change your deck between rounds.

Due to the expected turnout for the Ravnica Allegiance PreRelease, we are not going to be able to guarantee players a certain guild. If we have a theoretical 100 players for an event and 100 players want to play Azorius it will be 1-Not Fun, 2-Impossible to offer Azorius to the other PreRelease Events.
How we're going to handle the guild kit distribution - at the start of each event we're going to pass out sealed Guild kits randomly to participants in the PreRelease event. Before players open their kits we're going to give players a few minutes to trade sealed guild kits with other participants in the event. Historically this method worked out well with Return to Ravnica/Gatecrash/Theros/Khans/etc.

PreRelease Event Entry: $25.00
Preregistration: We are currently accepting preregistration in store and online at EmpireGameCenter.com for this event.
PreRelease entry is also available day of the event!

If you'd like to reserve your spot you can stop in store and tell our sales associate you'd like a spot in a specific event(s) or simply call (330)-346-0847 and we'll get you on the list.

Prizes - Ravnica Allegiance Booster Support Prize
All players who participate in our Ravnica Allegiance events will receive booster prize for participating in our PreRelease!
Wizards of the Coast has reduced the amount of boosters available for PreRelease prize from 2 boosters per player to 1.8 boosters per player bu

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