Selling/Trading Your Items

Selling/Trading trading items to Empire Game Center is easy, but we have requests:

The following is true for all card game singles:
-We accept cards that are English language only.
-Cards should be removed from sleeves & binders to allow a proper grading review by our retail associates.
-Cards should be free of scent: smoke, pet, oils & pretty much any odor that could be absorbed by your cards. 
-Please have all of your cards properly organized & facing the right direction.
-Damaged cards do not carry the same price as PSA 10 Gem Mint prices you may see online.
-Bulk is accepted in trade in mass quantity only.  168 commons are not considered mass quantity.

-Do not bring counterfeit items to the store. 
-We currently only accept in store acquisitions.

Pokemon TCG
-Most PKM cards are trade only.
-We are interested in vintage collections for cash, but this is by appointment only.  Please use the contact us button to describe the items you're interested in selling.

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG
-Due to the volatility of the YGO market, all Yu-Gi-Oh! items are accepted for STORE CREDIT only.

-We accept most cards with a retail value of $5.00 or more for store credit

Magic: the Gathering TCG
-Most MTG cards are currently accepted as trade only
-We accept most cards with a retail value of $3.00 or more for store credit
-Newer print run Foils are NOT accepted due to the curving/card quality of the foils.
-Promo cards are not accepted unless they are older and are $10.00 retail value or more.
-We are willing to pick up some older cards such as Dual Lands and other popular cards for cash by appointment only.

Sports Cards
-We are NOT acquiring sports card singles at this time.


Sealed Product Acquisitions

We are actively looking for English sealed product for Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Sports Cards.
If you have sealed product for sale/trade please use the contact us button to send a request with what you're looking to move.