Selling/Trading Your Items

Selling/Trading trading items to Empire Game Center is easy, but we have requests:

The following is true for all card game singles:
-We accept cards that are English language only.
-Cards should be removed from sleeves & binders to allow a proper grading review by our retail associates.
-Cards should be free of scent: smoke, pet, oils & pretty much any odor that could be absorbed by your cards. 
-Please have all of your cards properly organized & facing the right direction.
-Damaged cards do not carry the same price as PSA 10 Gem Mint prices you may see online.
-Bulk is accepted in trade in mass quantity only.  168 commons are not considered mass quantity.

-Do not bring counterfeit items to the store. 
-We currently only accept in store acquisitions.

Pokemon TCG
-Most PKM cards are trade only.
-We are interested in vintage collections for cash (mainly Base set), but this is by appointment only.  Please use the contact us button to describe the items you're interested in selling.

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG
-Due to the volatility of the YGO market, all Yu-Gi-Oh! items are accepted for STORE CREDIT only.

-We accept most cards with a retail value of $5.00 or more for store credit

Magic: the Gathering TCG
-Most MTG cards are currently accepted as trade only
-We accept most cards with a retail value of $3.00 or more for store credit
-All Foils are trade only.
-Promo cards are not accepted unless they are older and are $10.00 retail value or more.
-We are willing to pick up some older cards such as Dual Lands and other popular cards for cash by appointment only.


Sealed Product Acquisitions

We are actively looking for English sealed product for Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Sports Cards.
If you have sealed product for sale/trade please use the contact us button to send a request with what you're looking to move.