Unlock! Expedition: Challenger, Scheherazade’s Last Tale, The Night of The Boogeymen Set

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Unlock! is a series of escape room adventures for up to six players. With just one hour on the clock, players must work through a deck of sixty cards as a team, searching for clues, combining objects, and guring out puzzles to escape. The free Unlock! companion app runs the timer while providing clues, giving hints, and helping you succeed. Once the team has reached the solution and entered the correct code, they have “escaped” and the game has been won! The Night of the Boogeymen leads players into the nightmares of little William to battle the monsters to help him get to sleep. Scheherazade’s Last Tale transports players into the famous story to race the clock in order to save the princess from the Sultan’s grasp! Expedition: Challenger pits players against the clock to navigate lands from long ago to rescue a missing explorer.

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