Ursula's Return Championship @ Empire Game Center

Saturday July 20 @ 1:00 pm
Doors open at Noon

Player Cap: 64 Players
Entry: $25.00
Swiss rounds are best of 3 with cut to top 4/8 playoffs. Number of rounds & playoff spots based on attendance.

Participation Item: Each participant will receive a booster pack of The First Chapter with entry!

-Top 4 Receive an Ursula Championship Promo.
-1st & 2nd receive playmats.
-Players who make the playoffs will receive Ursula's Return boosters!

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Magic: the Gathering Bloomburrow

PreRelease Events:
July 26 @ 7:00 pm (4 Rounds)
July 27 & 28 @ Noon & 4:00 pm (Saturday/Sunday events are 4 Rounds)
Entry $30.00
*Limited quantity of PreRelease spots available.

Bloomburrow Products will be on sale in store July 26!

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