We accept single cards of:  Magic: the Gathering, Lorcana, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!

Non-Bulk card pricing is dynamic and will only be priced in person.

BULK RATES - *ENGLISH cards only!

***Massive bulk transactions must be confirmed - DO NOT SHOW UP WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT!***

-All bulk c/u must be turned in inside 3, 4 or 5-Row boxes.

We might have recycled 3/4/5 row boxes available.  See store staff for details.

-All bulk rares, foils, holos and mythics must be turned in by increments of 100 unless otherwise noted!

-All bulk must be sorted by category below and ready for staff to count.  WE WILL NOT PICK OR SORT YOUR BULK FOR YOU!!

Magic: the Gathering C/U (No basic land, tokens, art cards or other non-playable card inserts) - $2.00 per 1,000
Magic: the Gathering Rare - $0.05
Magic: the Gathering Mythic Rare - $0.20
Magic: the Gathering Basic Land - $2.50 per 1,000
Magic: the Gathering Foil C/U including Land - $0.03
Magic: the Gathering Foil Rare & Foil Mythic - $0.07

Pokemon C/U (No Energy) - $8.00 per 1,000
Pokemon Energy - $2.00 per 1,000
Pokemon Holo Rares / Reverse Rares - $0.05
Pokemon Rares - N/A
Pokemon Reverse Holo C/U - $0.05
Pokemon V/GX/EX - $0.20 each
Pokemon VMAX/VSTAR - $0.25

Lorcana C/U - $10.00 per 1,000
Lorcana Cold Foils - $0.05
Lorcana Rares - $0.05
Lorcana Super Rares - $0.10
Lorcana Legendaries - $0.50

Yu-Gi-Oh! C/U - $8.00/1,000
Yu-Gi-Oh! Rare - N/A
Yu-Gi-Oh! Holos & Secrets - $0.02


If you're interested in trading or selling your collectible items to Empire Game Center, please take note of the following:

What items do you acquire at Empire Game Center?
The simple answer is most items from the Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, Lorcana and Yu-Gi-Oh! in English language.  We accept select singles and out of print sealed product. 

Do you quote prices over the phone or via Contact Us form?
Prices are only given in person.  Please do not call or use the Contact Us form for price quotes.

How to Sell/Trade your items
-Be the owner of the items
-Ensure items are odor free
-Moldy or destroyed items are not accepted
-Items that have heavy pet dander are not accepted.
-Do not bring counterfeit items to the store.  We know what we're doing.

We get a lot of "I'm selling items for my ____" whatever story that says you're not the owner of the items you're trying to sell...let's save a headache - No thank you.
We are only interested in accepting items from the actual owner of the items. 

-If items are smoke/vape/incense/pet odor damaged, we should stop now because we do not accept cards with offensive odors (Yes, cards absorb smoke, vape clouds, incense and anything with a strong odor)

-If items are moldy please keep those cards away from the store as at least one person in store is allergic to mold.

-If items are covered in pet dander or smell of animals please keep those away as well.

-If your items are counterfeit we are not interested so don't try it.

(Seriously, if you're wondering why all of this needs typed out -  you have no idea what walks in the store from time to time.  Turn on one of those hoarding shows and scratch & sniff your TV - you'll know what we're talking about then!)

Now that we have that out of the way...

"I have bulk cards and don't know what my items are worth..."
If your items are true bulk the answer is most likely "not much"

Collectibles are Quality over Quantity and those sweet bulk lots sold in Mass Market stores and/or on Craig's List are usually worth far less than the price they are listed at.

Please research your items before bringing them in.  The number one statement we get is "I have no idea what my stuff is worth" - eBay SOLD ITEMS is a great resource to see actual sales numbers so you'll have an idea of what items sell for.

If you're going to bring in a collection, we do accept cards that are UNSLEEVED and separated as non-bulk VS bulk. 
Please separate non-bulk from bulk items before bringing your cards to the store.  This will allow for faster processing time for both the store employee(s) and the customer(s)

Bulk c/u is accepted inside 3, 4 and 5-row boxes only.  We do not accept bulk in shoe boxes, tubs, containers, stacks, booster boxes, plastic bags, binders, moving boxes or anything else that is not a 3, 4 or 5-row box.

Bulk rares/mythics/foils/holos are accepted in increments of 100 of each category only.

Do you purchase Comic Books, Individual Sports Cards, Toys, Video Games, or some rare magazines?
Not currently.  Card games are enough to keep up with at this time.

Why don't you open a super center that carries everything that is awesome!?
While this would be really cool, we would need a much larger space and a lot more time to make that work.  Never say never...