Wizards of the Coast Magic The Gathering Dominaria Bundle

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Welcome back to dominating, the Nexus of the Magic Multiverse! All early magic sets except for Arabian nights and homelands took place here; The weather Light saga dealt with a devastating invasion of this world, and dominance was revisited in time spiral. The Serra Angels referred to the plane of dominating as "the wheel" Because what happens there affects many other planes.. What will Gideon and liliana's sudden arrival on dominance on a mission to destroy belzenlok, liliana's last Demon, do to the wheel..? Also teferi, Jaya BALLARD, karn and more make their appearances in this strange scene. Look for all new cards and game-play mechanics to take your magic the Gathering card deck to all new places! Mtg magic dominaria bundle. Contains: 10 dominaria booster packs, 1 card Storage box, 1 player's guide with complete visual encyclopedia for dominance, 80 basic land cards, 1 Magic learn-to-play guide, 1 spin-down life counter, 2 deck boxes.

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