Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Cyberse Link Structure Decks (Set of 3 Decks)

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Elve deeper into the new cyberse and link monsters with structure deck: cyberse link. Duelists got their first taste of cyberse and link monsters in starter deck: link strike and code of the Duelist. Now they can take it to the next level with structure deck: cyberse link. Filled with cards geared towards link summoning, this 43-card deck is all about showing off your mastery of the newest monsters to hit the Yu-Gi-Oh. The cyberse take dueling technology into a new era. Take advantage of their high speed network capabilities as they help each other onto the field. Once you have gotten the most out of their processing power, use them to compute the necessary data to link summon 3 new, all-foil link monsters.

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